Soup Saver Scoop -- 3 in 1

Serve  -  Save  -  Scrape

Soup Saver Scoop features

Soup Saver Scoop pouring

Ease of serving was the selling point for one customer.  She had quite enough of hot liquids running down the side of the round ladle she traditionally used.


It's got the edge!  No need to tip the pot upside down to serve the food.  Side and bottom edge of scoop will scrape the pot clean.


Crumbs and Crumbles? Clean out any baking pan the easy way. All the
stuff falls inside the scoop for easy removal instead of off the edges of a scraper. Lasagna, cakes, clean up the easy way. Just turn the scoop over and scrape out the pan.

Works like a charm -- Soup Saver Scoop shape conforms to the bottom and sides of most baking pans for easy clean up.
  Soup Saver Scoop scraping
Soup Saver Scoop scraping

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