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Soup Saver Scoop News & Reviews


StarTribune - MINNEAPOLIS - ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA - March 23, 2010
Minnesota based utensil - By Kim Ode, Star Tribune [LooK]

The Pilot-Independent - Walker, MN - Business - Retired Akeley entrepreneur has new kitchen product for sale  -  Published: Wednesday, March 17, 2010 3:01 PM CDT  - [LooK]  


~I have one of the old ladles and use it all the time. It is really a relic, stained, discolored and what not but still in one piece. I've been looking a long time so when I saw the picture in the paper, I was elated! My family have been listening to me brag about this design and how great it is and how I love it and please don't break it when doing dishes. Theresa

~I had an old ladle and it was the best I ever owned. Being so old and brittle, the handle broke and I was devastated. I looked everywhere for one but couldn't find any. I had pretty much given up my quest when I saw the article in the StarTrib this morning! Jane

~Oh my glad that I saw the article in the Star Tribune today. Just ordered 4 Soup Savers. My husband has been looking for this ladle for years! Kelly

~Happy to see it offered again -- we still use the original we got before we were married even though it only has half of the handle left. Andy and Pat

~I am a long-time gadget collecting cook.  I didn't think one ladle could be better than another, but after trying the Soup Saver, I'm convinced this is a category killer.  It really IS much better.  I can clean out the bottom of a pot dry without much effort at all and it doesn't spill.  I definitely reach for this scoop over the others for any of my homemade soups.  Lisa Pertile, Blaine, MN

~I like your scoop because it doesn't drip like other ladles!  -- Lynn, Lake Elmo, MN

~A couple weeks ago or so I made a ground beef, type of a stove-top hot dish in my big old IRON  SKILLET and, with my arthritic hands, is very hard to lift or handle in any way, size, shape or form.   So, when it came time to pour the ingredients into the bowl I heard some very bad language, loud and clear, and just a hollerin' away, coming from my kitchen utensil drawer,  and don't you suppose it was that little-green-monster called a "SOUP SAVER SCOOP" saying, "USE ME, YOU DUMMY, AND YOU WON'T NEED TO EVEN PICK UP THAT BIG, HEAVY SKILLET!!!!"   And do you know what?  It did work, just like a charm!  I just scooped it all out of there with ease, no pain!!!  Now I call that little green monster my "Hand Saver, Soup Saver Scoop"!  So there!   ~  I also think it would be good to use AT the stove AND AT the table, as a "gravy ladle"!!!!  I love it!!!   Thanks, Sharon, for that great kitchen utensil for all to enjoy!  Ethel, Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin

~Who knew it can be used to clean out cake pans too.    Great idea and it really works!  I bought several for gifts.  -- Sara, Hanover, MN

 ~I need to order 10 more scoops.  Gave out my six and have requests for more!   -Maxine, Iowa

~My daughter gave me a scoop for Christmas.  I must admit at first I was skeptical, but it really does work.  Now I need two of each color for gifts!  Ande, Reno, NV

~Love it to serve spaghetti sauce too!  - Susan, Akeley

~I went green with my green scoop and am using it to scoop up potting soil.  Works great.  Now I need another one for the kitchen.  - Marilyn, Nevis

~This scoop is amazing! I've used it for soups, gravys, scraping pans, etc... But now have found another spectacular purpose - CANNING! How many times have we struggled
pouring brine or syrup into the filled jars? This does the trick! And pouring in homemade salsa, pizza sauce, BBQ sauce into jars has never been easier. I need to purchase more
for my canning friends now. Sandy - Minnetonka, MN





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