My Story
Soup Saver Scoop, SharonHi, I’m MeMo --  As a young mom 40 years ago,  MeMo was my nickname and if you turn the syllables around MeMo is really Mommy or at least that’s what the children understood it to be! After all they came up with the name.   My real name is Sharon (aka mom and grandma) and MeMo’s Kitchen is my brand.   And my product, Soup Saver Scoop  well…like my nickname,  has new life.     My goal is to share it with cooks everywhere! 
Inspiration - I am excited to introduce you to my Soup Saver Scoop.  The inspiration for the design came from a 40 year old soup ladle from the 1960’s still in use in MeMo’s Kitchen even with a broken handle.   I liked it because of its functionality.  The design makes so much sense.  Visiting family members also liked to use it.   Finding a new one was not a piece of cake.  After a year long search to locate one just like it to give to my daughter-in-law, Sandy, I pretty much concluded replacement ladles of its kind were non existent. 
Reinventing Retirement - When I revealed my plans to enhance its features and give it a makeover, and to work with a designer and manufacturer, family and close friends were enthusiastic and encouraging.    Add up hours of research, accumulated savings and a leap of faith, and the journey has been incredible.   I think of myself as a retired senior citizen, involved in hobbies and volunteer work, who found the time to become an entrepreneur.
Fan Club - This is a rather exclusive fan club and I affectionately refer to the members as the Old Ladle Fan Club.  I was delighted to find many customers who shared their story and history of the ladle.    I wasn’t alone!  Our link to history is a past that refused to let go of broken, stained, glued and taped together ladles because we strongly believed it was the best kitchen tool ever!  I was not the only one passionate about the design and on a mission to find replacements.     I have posted some of their comments on Scoop News and Reviews page.  And let me know if you have the old one, I would love to hear from you!
God bless and thank you for visiting today!

Life is like riding a bicycle - in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.
~Albert Einstein

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